Featured Listing Feed http://www.guanaja-realestate.com/index.php?action=rss_featured_listings 5 bed 4 bath on 1/2 acre http://www.guanaja-realestate.com/listing/5-bed-4-bath-on-12-acre.html MzUtMjAxNy0xMC0xNiAxNzowMToyMQ== Mon, 16 Oct 2017 17:01:21 -0400 Lovely split level 5 bedroom 4 bathroom home located in Fruit Harbor. Recently refurbished. Built of concrete and wood, it sits on a well manicured 1/2 acre lot that is completely fenced with cinder blocks and chain link fencing to around 6 feet high. There is a caretaker's room with an independent entry. Also, docking rights for a small boat. New price, now asking $249,000]]> Mariposa Estate http://www.guanaja-realestate.com/listing/mariposa-estate.html NDctMjAxOC0xMi0yNiAxNDo0MjozMg== Wed, 26 Dec 2018 14:42:32 -0500 Christened “Mariposa Estate” many years ago by its maker, this majestic property is one of a kind in location, distribution and appeal. Overlooking the pleasant vista of Fruit Harbor Bay this 20 acre estate is loaded with features and advantages. Along the 8 acres of lower elevation there are 500 feet of waterfront. A private marina with 3-4 feet of draft affords easy access for most boats operated in and around the Bay Islands. This lower flat section is covered with mature bearing palm trees and a large fully conditioned concrete structure of approximately 1200 square feet that can be used as a reception/office and /or guest dwelling house. Moving a little farther inland we get to the wooden caretaker’s house and a concrete carpenters shed with a roofed work area and lockable doors for storage. As we get farther along the walkway is now of textured rock taken from the edges of an onsite brook. On either side there are mature exotic fruit trees, such a Mangosteen, Jackfruit and Rollinia, to name a few. The grounds are methodically kept. The road meanders up a slope revealing more fruit trees and newer and more refreshing views of this amazingly place. Just a little farther and the main house, pool and guest quarters come into full view. You cannot fully appreciate the value of a place like this until you get to the top and look around, see the views with your own eyes, feel the peace and tranquility, and comprehend just a little, of the appeal of Mariposa Estate. Property features are… 1 main concrete house with roofed porches on all sides consisting of a kitchen, dining area, a half bath and an outside sitting area. Storage beneath. Another separate structure consisting on one side of one bedroom and a full bathroom. The other side is a guesthouse consisting of a kitchen, dining/living area, a bedroom and bathroom. 1 concrete carpenters shed with roofed work area and lockable doors and windows. 1 wood construction caretaker’s house. 1 concrete reception building 50 yards from the marina. 1 fiberglass boat 22 feet long with a 90 HP mercury outboard. 1 boat shed with incorporated electronic boat lift. This is a must see property… Price reduced, Asking $995,000 ]]> Wilmont Bay Beach Front http://www.guanaja-realestate.com/listing/wilmont-bay-house.html NDgtMjAxOS0wMi0wNCAxNDoyOTozMg== Mon, 04 Feb 2019 14:29:32 -0500 Lovely 4 bedroom turn key contemporary hill side wood and concrete home. Ac's in all rooms. Aluminum roofs. Fully furnished Kitchen, bedrooms and living rooms. Back-up generator. a Grady White 22 ft walk around. 3,000 square meter lot. Dock, boat lift, white sand beach, caretaker cabin, and the best Guanaja views of the Caribbean sea. Private community setting. Asking $975,000 ]]>